Corporate Entertainment That is a Lot of Fun

I knew when the company I work for won a major contract, we were in for a very great ride. It was the biggest contract of our company’s life, and it was going to create a lot of positive opportunities for all of us. It took just a few short months to see just how amazing this contract was going to be for all of us. When my boss asked me to look into entertainment for corporate parties because he wanted to throw the biggest party ever to celebrate our huge first quarter numbers, I knew that I was going to look at Chosen Events.

I had been to an event the previous summer where there was a singer and dancers hired from Chosen Events. Some people may think that is nothing to get excited about, but that is just until they saw what this singer and dancers were able to do. They were simply mesmerizing, and I was hoping that I would get to see them again. Continue reading

Started Working at My New Job

I got this job after my cousin called me up a couple of weeks ago and told me that the resort he was working at was looking for a few people. It is this place near Boca Raton, FL and it is not the sort of place where you are going to see a lot of poor people. All of the patrons are dressed up in designer sunglasses and expensive clothes. I am sure that nearly all of them are wearing stuff that costs more than I am earning in a month. They are all strutting around showing off how wealthy they are. I have been doing all sorts of different things, but the other day I got to drive a Bentley. That was what I was doing that day. I was the valet because the usual guy did not show up for work, he had apparently went out and gotten really wasted. At any rate I spent the day picking up expensive cars at the front door and driving them back to the parking garage under the building. Continue reading

5 Things to Look For When Buying Organic Products

Tell a Scientist you are eating an Organic Apple and he’ll probably say ‘All Apples Are Organic’. Organic has 2 basic definitions.

  1. According to the dictionary Organic basically means ‘of or containing carbon’. Therefore anything that is or has lived could (and should) be considered Organic. By that definition.
  2. To an Organic grower and consumer, Organic means ‘Not contaminated with any synthetic pesticide, chemical fertiliser or growth stimulants.

This does cause confusion with people changing to organically grown products to eliminate chemical pesticides and growth stimulants.

The Dictionary definition has often been used by companies labelling their products as organic simply because they were produced from something that could be considered organic based on the dictionary definition of it.

As a consumer, when buying organic products there a several things you should look for to determine if you are buying what is considered organic by dictionary definition or whether they are chemical and synthetic stimulant free.

  1. Look for the Logo – There are several certifying bodies around the world that undertake stringent testing procedures to ensure strict farming practices. In Australia ACO (Australian Certified Organic) is the Certification arm of the Biological Farmers association of Australia. There are also a handful of other certifying bodies in Australia.
  2. Look for a direct supplier – If possible buy directly from the farm. Observe the farming practices first hand by buying directly from the grower. If the seller does not allow sales from the farm (for legal or privacy reasons). Ask if you can book a time to visit the farm and see how their farming processes work.
  3. If you grow your own food look for seed producers offering Open pollinated, non-GMO, chemical free seeds from registered growers. This sounds like a hard to do task but there are several Heirloom seed sellers, growers and producers around the world. You can safely collect seeds from these varieties and sow them knowing they will grow true to type. You can not guarantee what you will get from commercially grown seed producers due to cross breeding practices. Seeds collected will generally revert back to either parent species.
  4. Look at the Label – The logo is just a small part of the Label. The product ingredients should be carefully considered when making buying decisions.
  5. Talk to your kids – Tell your kids why you buy organic products and what they should look for. Take your kids shopping with you and make the selection process fun.

Also, don’t be put off by odd shapes or colours in fruits and vegetables. This is how nature intended them to be. The smooth even fruit and vegetables you see in the supermarket were probably bred to look that way. The shape only looks better. It doesn’t change the taste.